One Piece Thousand Storm review – cheats and hacks


One_Piece_Thousand_StormOne Piece Thousand Storm : 

ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM is a cool game in the One Piece Universe that brings in front some unique, immersive new mechanics and interesting ideas. Not only does it come with a very distinct multiplayer experience, but it also has a focus on pirate RPG mechanics that work as a great delight!

While playing the game, I enjoyed the swift controls and the overall quality is second to none. I like the character diversity, but at the same time I appreciate the fact that they stick to their guns and the series on its own shines due to that.

Premium items in the game :

There are plenty of items in the game too, which I liked quite a lot. Also, the battles and the entire combat experience as a whole is nothing short of rewarding, with new and exciting methods that you can access all the time.

I particularly liked the fact that you can attack enemies with flanking abilities or you can use special attacks that you can create on your own. These allow you to flesh out the experience and that on its own gives an entirely new layer of amazing gameplay options that you can access whenever you want.

The blasting skills are second to none, they do a very good job at bringing the experience in front and that on its own can be extremely fun. It’s nice to have a great One Piece game and everything here is just a delight for sure.

Playing ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM is interesting and exciting, rewarding and nothing short of interesting. You should consider checking it out, it’s an extraordinary game that’s well worth your time!

One Piece Thousand Storm hack

Official game download links :

Google play and iTunes store 

Basics of the game

  1. To obtain a character, you farm for their character medals on story islands or event islands. Event ones are generally stronger. The best rarity you are able to upgrade a character to is 7-star.
  2. Each character is among 6 types in OPTS. This affects their stats and battle style.
  3. Each character is also among 5 Factions in OPTS. This affects their performance using events, and bonus stats they get from Faction Cards.
  4. Each character has an auto-skill that passively affects how they perform in battle.
  5. It can also be good to improve your luck stat on your frequently used character(s) for a chance of extra chest drops.
  6. Rainbow coins cost real money to buy. You can make limited number of coins in game as first-clear bonus for stages, by completing missions, via login bonus, and more. They are used to revive in battle in the event that you die, expand inventory space, and play the coin Gacha.
  7. The Gacha provides you with scene cards, which you can equip on your characters. Browse the gacha guide for OPTS here.
  8. Scene cards give stats boost to your characters, and a number of them also grant the characters skills (Skill card) or special attack (Special card). Read about skill level here and evolving scene card here.
  9. Check here for general recommendations on the game such as battles and inventory, and more tips here.
  10. Clear the Beginner Challenge for a few great rewards.

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