King of Avalon – Top tips and tricks


King of Avalon – 3 tips to know:

Hi everybody I’m Roney and I’m part of team of Onlinegen i’m here today for giving you five useful tips for King of Avalon and you came in the best way possible and also make sure you read the whole article because we’re going to have a great giveaway at the end so without further delay let’s start with the first.

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1. Let’s talk about the upkeep:

As you guys know there is an amount of resources that is always consumed by the troops inside your city and i know that this could be a little annoying. But there are few tricks that you can consider for reducing this consumption. The first one after really after an attack you can send your wounded troops inside one of the available hospitals. Inside you see and disease useful because during that period the troops are not going to consume any resource it’s easy you jusT tap on one of the hospital’s you select meal and at this point you see the least of the wounded troops inside your seat. AT that moment you select them and kill them it’s very easy the second way is to use a boost item and you can get them in different ways like from the daily words chest from Mission chests or you can simply buy them from the Alliance.

2. Daily tasks:

Remember to play the daily tasks every day, because they don’t require a lot of effort and the rewards that you can get out of them are very very useful. You simply tap on the tavern building and then on the daily task chest and at this point you see release of tasks available for day as you see they’re very easy. YoU just require you’d like help your alliance or using their boost item etc. It’s very very easy so you can totally do that everyday once you complete a step of the task you going to get points and once you accumulate all this point you’re going to unlock one of the reward chests. Remember to always tap on the chest for claim your reward.

3. Talent points:

If you haven’t noticed yet, every time you increase your level, you’re gonna get some item rewards and talent points and as you can see here on player profile, then it happened talent points and depending on your level, you receive a different amount of talent points every time you increase it and you can use this points for enhancing your skill in three years. According to your game strategy and has you see years our war economy and balance the best way to grossly faster is to upgrade the production of food and wood, Immediately but remember that if later you want to change your strategy you can totally do that because you can see the point and you can reassign them.

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