Cookie Run OvenBreak Hack – Tips and Tricks


cookie run ovenbreak hackCookie Run OvenBreak Hacks and tricks :

Cookie Run OvenBreak is a fun game, but if you want to be the very best at it, you do need to know how you can get the ultimate set of results. With that in mind, here you can get a set of great tips and tricks to get you playing the right way.

See the role of each cookie

Remember that the cookies in Cookie Run OvenBreak come with different characteristics. You can level up all of them and this can bring you some great rewards. See what the level up does, understand what benefits you get from each cookie and results can pay off for sure.

Get a lot of coins

You can get coins by doing dangerous jumps in this endless runner. Or you can spin the wheel. Try to focus on gold coins as those are a lot better. If possible, try to do some side quests as these might provide you with extra spins.

Invest your time in the trophy races?

If you have the time, enter trophy races. This allows you to get some amazing rewards and the value can be a very fun one for sure.It does take some time to play properly, but if you win you will get some great rewards.

Purchase cookie parts

The cookie parts can be found in chests, however the best way to acquire them is by getting these at the store. It’s a much better investment and the value can be worth it for sure.

Get gems

How do you get gems?Watch as many videos as you can. They add up in time. Don’t rush to get all the gems at once, you won’t need them this way.

Cookie Run OvenBreak is a fun game, but it can get frustrating if you don’t follow these tips. So, check out these great ideas and see how easy it can be to play this beautiful title!

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