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Basketball Stars reviewBasketball Stars Review :

A lot of people like basketball, but somehow not all mobile games that target this sport manage to deliver on their promise. As a result, you get a shortage of good games about this particular sport. Thankfully, Basketball Stars does a very good job at offering you a solid basketball experience in the palm of your hands. Lets look at the basketball stars review briefly.

At its core, the way you play is simple. You try to score, while a real person will try to block your attacks. It’s pretty much like a regular basketball game, although here you play in the virtual world against real people.

Is it hard to play Basketball Stars? Not really, in fact the controls are easy to get into and they are quite responsive. You will like the way you play and even after a few hours, you still come back to this game.

There are multiple game modes to go through, each one with its own unique set of features. That’s what makes the experience fun here, the fact that you always get something nice and interesting to play. The idea to play until you score 10 points never gets old. It’s always engaging you to try and get better results as you play. It’s a lot of fun to play here and the value is definitely an exciting one for sure.

This might not be a complete basketball simulator, but it gets pretty close! It allows you to test your skills against real people and it can be a delight to play it for sure. Overall, it’s a nice and fun experience, so you should consider playing it! Yes, there will be challenges, but Basketball Stars remains interesting and exciting even after you play for multiple hours!

Our Rating : 8.3/10

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Overall, it’s a nice and fun experience, so you should consider playing it!

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